Bella Bianco

Life is for the sake of adventures. That’s why I can spontaneously get on a train and go to the sea. Life is for the sake of others. That’s why I’m a doctor. Life is for the sake of crazy things. That’s why I eat watermelon with blue cheese in the theatre. Life is to leave your comfort zone. That’s why I often spend nights under the starry sky. Today, walking through the shopping center, I noticed one thing. Fewer and fewer people began to go out on the streets, to walk, to spend their time outside the house. The streets and shops are empty, and people’s smiles are hidden behind masks. I really hope that the pandemic will pass soon and we will be able to go out with our families to the Park, walk, have fun, and sincerely smile at the new day. Why do I love nature? Nature is our home, which I love very much. I like nature for its beauty, grandeur, calmness. Very often I go to nature with my parents on weekends. It is in such places that the soul truly rests. Everything is beautiful and harmonious in nature. Birds sing trees turn green, flowers delight with a riot of colors. Wonderful nature at any time of the year. In winter, spring, summer, and autumn, it has a special charm. Nature is the most valuable thing that humanity has. Therefore, it is impossible not to enjoy its beauty. I love posting summer photos. You have no idea what warm memories of the sea pop up in my head. I love the sea very much. Do you like to relax? Let’s triple the survey. Write to Me in PM, how do you like to relax? In nature or watching your favorite movie?

There is no reason for you to NOT come to my room. Follow your heart!