My name is Masha, I am 18. I live in Belarus, I am a very small and imperceptible person in my life, but here I can reveal and show myself, to skip my naughty fantasies. Here I feel free and I want to communicate and recognize people and their interests. I like long communication, I like to raise friends and to tell them the most intimate what I have. I have not a lot of hobbies I love to draw and dream of becoming a professional artist, I love Anime, I love films, TV shows, comics, and manga. At night, on my weekend, I like to sit on the balcony and read something, listening to the sounds of the night, I dream that someday I have a friend with whom I can spend these nights, I can communicate and show my life. Hmmm, should think also I love walks in the fresh air place with the dog. I love animals very much. I have a dog and a rat. I will be glad if you came to me to tell me about yourself, you will become my friend) The first question I will ask you: “Do you have a cat?” I love cats very much and dream that one day they will be with me. Can you tell me about the most intimate of your dreams? I will be glad to listen to you.

There is no reason for you to NOT come to my room. Follow your heart!