We are a trio. Master, Margot (in a red mask), and Bella (in a black mask). We love strong emotions. From hard to gentle sex. We love to bring to life sweet fantasies, both our own and those of others. Fly away from bright sex. We love to show ourselves and deliver great sex and orgasm to other people. THE MASTER: I am the Dominant. I’m 44. I love to force my slaves to have lesbian sex. I like to watch when my girls bring each other to orgasm. But I myself like to participate in their games. I like to bring Margo to orgasm with my hands, toys, or a dick. I love to cum in her mouth during a deep blowjob. I love to put Bella on Margo’s face because she ends brightly from it. I also like to smack Bella’s little ass because she screams so loudly from it. My favorite part of any session is to combine sex toys, pain, and orgasm for my slaves, even though they are very different. MARGO (in the red mask) I’m 25 and bisexual. I love sex with girls as much as I love men. I am a faithful slave to my Master, I love pain and pleasure. I get orgasm easily, especially from anal penetration. I am a passionate girl and I really enjoy being remotely controlled by Lash. I can get several orgasms in one session. My lovely sex toys are butt plugs and BDSM percussion tools. I love spanking of the ass, back, and inner thighs. And also drops of hot BDSM wax on my beautiful body. BELLA (in a black mask) I am a lesbian and really love sex with girls. I am only 18 years old and very passionate about sex play. I love pussy licking, sitting on Margo’s face, sex with a strapon, and hot lesbian kisses. My favorite sex toys are strap-ons and dildos that fit tightly into my tight pussy. I am an anal virgin. I like learning obedience in submission from the Master and with his help, I discover new sensations in the world of BDSM I get vivid pleasure from spanking my small ass and breasts. 1.Before whipping, the body is always warmed up. Flogger or hand. 2. Impact from weak to strong. 3. The submissive can always stop the spanking with a gesture or word. 4. The submissive goes to the spanking voluntarily and she likes it. 5. The spanking does not leave marks and does not harm health. 6. After the flogging, special means are used to restore the skin.

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