It should be understood that Dirty Priest is Ivan’s Mistress. Don’t hope to see classic sex between us, and also that you will see dominance over Dirty Priest. Such shows and interactions are not possible. We hope that you have read this information and understand that in our shows “blowjob” means that only Ivan will do it. Priest’s strapon is great for this 🙂 The same goes for the rest of the shows. You cannot ask to spank the Mistress and make such requests, since for us Domination is not role-playing games. This is our lifestyle and the roles in it are unchanged. Initially, we ourselves choose the theme for the show, but in the future we may put it up for a vote. Do you want some special video to watch when we are not online? Write in private messages, we can record a video on your order. And also download for purchase something from the existing ones. The topics of our videos are striking in their variety. Some are filmed with a cameraman and using multiple cameras.

Come to my Freemium Cam Room, I promise I will be kind for you!