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We are already sick of the Tube sites, they all link to each other, every time I want to see a movie a new tube site opens, and it takes me 3-5 clicks to actually see something, but then I realize this is not the movie I wanted to see, and the 3-5 clicks repeat again. After some diligent research, these kinds of tube sites sell those 3-5 clicks for radical high amounts to advertisers, do those people even understand that I click away from the windows that pop open in front of me, it is not my fault someone paid for this. So, when my friend asked me to review Another Tube site I already told him ” 5 Popups and a lot of Cursing” and he said “not this one, bro” and when my friend calls me Bro, that means he is serious. So, let’s see what is this TubeStroke about!

Weird name, WTF | Check the BDSM Videos

Okay, does the owner knows what a stroke is? And there I went, browsing for Strokes and ending up on some medical magazine, and I was like thinking and thinking and then it hit me. British English, Stroking your Penis 🙂 So, WTF, who are these people, changing a medical disaster into a cum splash show. But 9 out of 10 for the balls and creativity 🙂

No Advertisement? | They have a Fetish Area also

It looks like the people behind TubeStroke are actually putting down a product, but I see nowhere a Beg for Money link. No banners going to paysites, just plain linking to the video files and that’s it. There are not even popups and exits here. This site is stripped clean till the naked Frame. Maybe this site was not about to be open yet for the public, anyway, this makes it for me nicer, cause my PC hates commercials 🙂

Movies are obviously hand-selected | Handjobs here 🙂

There was something that caught my eye, when I went to the blowjob area, I actually only found videos with Blowjobs. It is with every category like this. When I go to Cumshots, I actually see the movies surrounding the Cumshot Topic. Very On Top, Very Nice Selected. This does explain why the video count is somewhat lower than expected, but there are No Double Categorie Movies at all, this makes it clear. When I see a blowjob movie in a cumshot movie then I know the Video Count is manipulated by the Double Category Placement. The owner of TubeStroke seems to keep it simple and fair.

The player Page is Clean | Fuck a Cleaning Lady Tube

When I want to watch a porn movie, I dislike heavy banners on the side of the player page. Every other Tube site is disrespecting your presence by trying to get you away from the video you just searched for. TubeStroke seems to respect the Paradox of Choices. No Distraction, to the point.

My average stay of the site

I have spent 1 hour and 20 minutes on the website. This was simple to explain, I found back a Classic Movie I loved so much and never got out of my mind. I found it back on TubeStroke, and of course, to test it, I tried to find it elsewhere, it did work but again, 10+ new windows open in my browser, this is getting out of hand, and TubeStroke keeps me sane. I am Okay with my friend his suggestion, TubeStroke deserves a place on BDSM Sex Cams.